This family history has roots in eight trees in Australia: Bailey (from England in 1854 and 1857), Doran (from Ireland in 1801), Ferguson (from Scotland in ~1851), Findley (from England in 1879), Humble (from England in 1907), King (from England in 1858), Nicoll (from England before 1877) and Reeves (from England in 1854).

Family history is for sharing. Individuals spend many hours across many years to research and record their genealogy; and many then freely share their finds with distant family members. Through the many hours I’ve spent researching my ancestors and extended family, many connections and extra information wouldn’t have happened if not for other individuals sharing their own information. Within this website is what I’ve currently collated.

As is the nature of tracing your family history, there may be mistakes and discrepancies. For example, some birth dates listed may actually be baptism/christening dates. And the further back I go the more likely mistakes have been made: you have been warned.

To find more information on a family on the internet, search for the full name, for an individual or couple, using a search engine. eg: “Reeves, John Daniel” OR “John Daniel Reeves” as it may occur either way. You may even need to search variant spellings of the name, such as Ferguson, Fergusson, Furguson, etc.

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